The Torbjörn Hultmark TRUMPET Method, published in 2017, has since its launch had glowing reviews worldwide from many leading players, musicians and teachers.

As of September 2019, the method has now also been published in a version for TUBA in a thorough revision from the ground up (!) by JONATHAN REES.

Special thanks to Michael Laird & Ellie Lovegrove (trumpet method) and Oren Marshall & Kevin Morgan (tuba method) for their generous and invaluable advice during the writing of these books.

The Torbjörn Hultmark Method is for anyone from elementary to advanced who wants to learn to play better. Some exercises and studies require a significant level of skill but most can be adapted to suit almost every level and every stage in a player’s development.

The exercises and etudes in the books have come about through a desire to find solutions or sometimes just a different angle to particular aspects of tone control, be it breathing, articulation, range or stamina, i.e. the essential basic tone-production techniques required in order to learn to master these wonderful but sometimes also rather awkward beasts: brass instruments!

Some exercises may be quite new to you, others will be similar to existing material (we stand on ‘the shoulders of giants’, whether predecessors or great contemporaries!), but all exercises are presented and developed in a way that will encourage a new approach in your daily practice.

Only exercises that have proven again and again to be genuinely helpful have been included. We hope that they will be of as much use to you.

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